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Today we would like to talk about an interesting mobile app  we come across which really helps us planning our travel. Before we depict more details, let me tell you how we find this app. We are planning for three trips this year, Disneyland  Orlando, Las Vegas Nevada and Seattle Washington.  We are flexible at our dates and wanted to get the lowest air ticket prices possible.Upon exploring different travel portals we finally landed on to Hopper app. If you  are planning the trip on flexible dates or on  specific dates ,either way  this app helps you a lot  with price predictions.

Hopper mobile app

Hopper mobile app

Lets see how it helps in case of flexible dates: all that you need to do is select the  to and from locations and you will be navigated to a calendar place where the dates are highlighted in green, yellow, orange and red .Green resembles lowest fares and Red resembles costliest fares.As you are flexible about the dates you can select any of the dates highlighted in green  for low cost  air tickets, upon the selection of dates it will also suggest you ‘whether to buy a ticket right away or to wait for a better deal’. If you click on ‘watch this trip’ it will notify you when the fair rises and falls so that you can act on it accordingly.

In case our travel has to be on a specific dates this app will help you with the price prediction with lowest fares available as of today and also will alert you about the trend on how the prices may rise or fall as you approach the selected travel dates.

Unlike other flight booking apps, Hopper gives you more information which will certainly help you in planning your trip more optimally.

Few of the app screen shots:

Hopper choose location screenIMG_0859IMG_0860